Relinos av Imperatorus

The Adventurous Admiral


“Beautiful, isn’t it? But perhaps not as beautiful as you…”

Relinos av Imperatorus is, as he would describe it (and frequently does), “A man of many talents, interests, and tales.” He loves telling tales, especially ones involving his own extensive travels, and delights in collecting and trading rare and bizarre objects. He is slightly greying, and no longer has the spring of youth in his step, but still cuts and impressive figure. His clothes are elegant and practical, his weapons both beautiful and deadly, and both his smile and his anger comes quickly. He is a favourite patron of almost any tavern, both for bringing much laughter and joy, but also because he is known to spend lavishly, so much that a small band of dedicated socialites keep tabs on his activities purely so they may join in at his expense.

Relinos av Imperatorus

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